Here you can find most common questions regarding The Super Flow Club.

What is the SuperFlow?

The SuperFlow is marketing tools and traffic exchange program designed to generate free and low cost traffic to member destinations.

Can I add YouTube videos to my site list?

Yes, YouTube pages don't allow frames so not all the advertising tools will work such as the free rotator. YouTube videos will work if you use the embed URL rather than the standard URL as the destination which can be located within the embed code found when clicking "share" on any YouTube video page. Ideally, you would create a video page with your video embedded on it and market that page instead which allows you to ad additional content around the video.

Are there additional expenses after the FREE account?

There are only optional items you can buy. For instance, you may purchase a premium account for a monthly fee, but this is not required to use the system.

Can I specify a country where my site(s) will be shown?

Yes, geo-targeting is available as an option when you have a premium account. This allows you to create one site for a specific country and another for another country.

Can I earn points by having others click links?

Yes, the SuperFlow has several distributable links you can use in emails or on other sites which allow you earn points when others click the link.

Should I distribute my SuperFlow links as https or http?

If all your web sites are https then it is entirely up to you. However, using https is not recommended if you are trying advertise a site with a regular http link. The http link will not perform as well and may open in a new window. Tracking is also not as accurate when utilizing a SuperFlow https link to open a regular http address. The reverse does not have issues; when a regular http SuperFlow link opens your https link all is well.

I have a referral, when will I see my reward?

Referral rewards are granted according to the activity of the new member. There are two ways to earn them. If new member you referred adds an active advertisement to SuperFlow you will earn 1 point every time the advertisement is shown until the maximum reward. If the new member surfs the SuperFlow, you will gain 1 point per site they surf until the maximum reward.

Can I earn money on the SuperFlow?

The purpose of the SuperFlow is not to earn money directly from activity. However, you earn points by various activities (surfing, referrals, advertising, etc). SuperFlow will buy they points from you at a rate of 0.02 per 100 points (0.2 dollar per 1000) for free accounts and 0.05 per 100 points (0.5 dollars per 1000) for paid membership accounts.